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Our Treatments

In Soul Spa Hong Kong, we want to maximize your experience, thus we have created for you the most amazing In-Call therapies for you to enjoy in our Private Luxury Oasis.  


All our treatments are designed to get you fully relax in 90 minutes, and if you want more time just let us know!!!

Prostate Therapy

Roar Like a Lion

This is our featured and specialty, a Medical and Relaxation mixed treatment, based on ancient Chinese medical treatment and Western Relaxation techniques.



This treatment focused to get your "Male G Spot"  fully recharged, that will make you Roar Like a Young Lion again.


To ensure the maximum benefit this treatment is provided by an expert therapist.

Price:             3,500 HKDS, 90 Mins

                     2,800 HKDS, 60 Mins

Outcall             +500 HKDS

Lingam Therapy

Iron Man

Our newest treatment has been specially designed to make you an Iron Man with Super Powers .  


A Lingam focused treatment that will make your core muscle super hard, with long lasting power or that as well could solve your "PE" Premature Ejaculation mental and physical challenges. 

Price:             2,200 HKDS, 90 Mins

                     1,800 HKDS, 60 Mins

Outcall             +500 HKDS

Deep Tissue Massage 

Asian Experience

Wrap yourself in an amazing Asian experience with our special deep tissue massage, that leverage Thai, Japanese and Chinese techniques to make your Soul fully relax and energized.


Our therapist will give you a deep, but soft treatment, that will touch and recharge your energy centers.  

Price:             2,000 HKDS, 90 Mins

                     1,600 HKDS, 60 Mins

Outcall             +500 HKDS 

4 & 4+ Hands' Massage

Take Me to Heaven

Take your mind and body to the ultimate level.    This is the highest level of pleasure, submerge your self in an extreme full sensorial experience with a 4+ hand massage.  

An upper/lower, left/right body synchronized treatment,  that will blow every single nerve on your body and mind, achieving a sublime relaxation state, that you have never experienced. 

As you deserve only the best, let us know what you would like to try, consider that a 4+ hand treatment requires at least 24 hours booking time in advance.

Price:          4 Hands: 4,000 HKDS, 90 Mins 

                  4 Hands:  3,200 HDS, 60 Mins                                      6 Hands: 5,500 HKDS , 90 Mins

                  6 Hands: 4,600 HKDS, 60 Mins

Outcall                       +1,000 HKDS

DYO Treatment 

Design Your Own Treatment

We know that you might have specific preferences, and we have created this special treatment for you to decide what do you want and how do you want it.

Let us know what you would like to try; you can combine some of the above treatments or just let your imagination fly.


We are here to indulge your Soul, and we will do our best to please your mind and body.


Base Price:      2,200 HKDS, 90 MINS*

                      1,800 HKDS, 60 MINS*

Outcall             +500 HKDS 

*Upon your desires, we will provide more accurate cost. These exclude 4 or 6+ massage treatment  

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